How an intranet can revitalise your brand and make communication more efficient

Published on Saturday, 23 March 2019 at 10:55:00 AM

What is an intranet?

An intranet is a private website that only your organisation’s staff can access. It provides a secure way to share internal information, messages, alerts, briefs from management, HR milestones, birthdays and achievements.

It can also house all the applications and information users need related to their role. With the rise of mobile technology culture where everyone has access to a phone, your staff can reach important information with ease. 

These are some areas where an intranet can help you improve.

More modern approach to stakeholder communication

An intranet is specifically designed as an internal communication tool, meaning you can talk staff in a language and tone that reflects the culture and values of your organisation. It doesn’t have to be all business, you can personalise your intranet messaging to each and every user or department, drawing from database driven content. This also reduces the risk of messages via email being lost especially as staff often receive many emails in a day. 

Communication between employees

An intranet can also serve as an interactive information hub detailing events, achievements, briefings from management or HR updates. In one click, your staff can be updated on all the latest news in a more engaging medium than a standard email which also reduces over all email traffic.

Focus on employee stories, encourage cross-department collaboration and ensure everyone has clear direction. In turn, this can be a great way to reinforce an organisation’s culture and values. 

Intranet vs Portals

Portals are an exclusive section of the intranet for certain stakeholders to access vital pieces of information without needing access to the whole intranet. For example, stakeholders or councillors may be able to access specific important documents, without having full access to the intranet.

Case Study: Port Hedland

The Town of Port Hedland first developed their Council Connect intranet in 2014. This version didn’t contain the image rotator and was a product of its time. In December 2018, The Town decided to refresh their design, bringing it in line with their revised brand and modernised the look and feel. This also assisted them in focussing on optimising internal communications, increasing engagement and promoting productivity. This was achieved with the online forms module, image rotator and E-newsletter module. The end result is a website and intranet combination that reflects their values, community focus, identity and goals.

“The Town of Port Hedland engaged Market Creations to develop a new intranet in 2018. The entire team at Market Creations were easy to work with, responsive, thorough and extremely helpful. The end result is a very sophisticated new intranet that looks amazing, has excellent functionality and is being used more by our staff. 

I highly recommend Market Creations. Their level of service is exceptional and we look forward to working with them more in the future.”

- Laura Hawes, Manager Marketing Events and Communications, Town of Port Hedland.

Town of Port Hedland intranet

Whether you’re looking to create administrative efficiencies, or simply an updated intranet to compliment your website, we can make a difference.

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