Local Government Legislation Amendments Act 2019

Published on Tuesday, 27 August 2019 at 2:41:12 PM

The Local Government Legislation Amendment Act 2019 took effect as of July 2019. Changes to the Act affect what information needs to be publicly available on your website. These requirements are to improve transparency and access to information held by a local government – ensuring you are accountable to your community.

There are new requirements for public notices as well as the publication of certain information on your website including registers and documents.

The CouncilConnect program offers a wide range of modules aimed at improving the functionality and overall user experience of the website as well as increasing administrative efficiencies.

We have outlined some modules that will help you to be compliant with the Act and can be implemented onto your current website for a once off cost.

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Hear from Tony Brown - Executive Manager, Governance and Organisational Services at WALGA, regarding the changes to the Act.

Items to be published on the local government’s official website

3.12 Procedure for Making Local Laws

Proposed Local Law after the Local Law has been published in the Gazette

3.59 Commercial Enterprises by Local Governments

A copy of the business plan

5.55A Publication of Annual Reports

Within 14 days after the Report has been accepted by the Local Government

5.89A Register of Gifts & Contributions to Travel

Records of disclosures made under sections 5.82 and 5.83

See Gift & Travel Register Module

5.96A Information published on official website

Information to be published:

  • Map of the district showing the district boundaries and ward boundaries
  • Up to date consolidated version of any local law
  • Annual Budget
  • Up to date list of fees and charges
  • Current plans for the future of the district (section 5.56)
  • Confirmed minutes of Council or Committee meetings
  • Minutes of Electors meeting
  • Notice papers and agenda relating to Council or Committee meetings and other documents tabled or produced for a committee

See Council Minutes Module 

5.118 Carrying Out Orders

Publication of any censure ordered under sections 5.110(6) by a standards panel or 5.113 and 5.117(1) by the State Administrative Tribunal

5.121 Register of Certain Complaints of Minor Breaches

Up to date version of the register of complaints

See Complaints Register

6.36 Local Government to Give Notice of Certain Rates

A notice within the period of 2 months preceding the commencement of the financial year to with the proposed rate apply

7.12AH Reporting on a Supplementary Audit

A copy of the report (prepared by the auditor) within 14 days after receiving a request from the Minister to publish the report

7.12A Duties of a local government with respect to Audits

Within 14 days after a local government gives a report to the Minister, the CEO must publish a copy of the report

The following information must be published on the local government's official website

Conditions for exercise of power of sale of land

Not to exercise the power of sale until it has caused notice requiring payment of the rates or services charges owing in respect of the land to be published and kept on the website for not less than 35 days

Local Government Election

Details and profiles of candidates

See Council & Profile Manager

Adoption of Model Standards

An up to date version of the standards must be published

Policy for temporary employment or appointment of CEO

An up to date version of the adopted policy

Policy for attendance at events

An up to date version of the adopted policy

Adoption of model Code of Conduct

An up to date version of the adopted standards

Policy for continuing professional development

An up to date version of the adopted policy

Policy for payments to employees in addition to contract or award

An up to date version of the adopted policy

Code of Conduct for Employees

 An up to date version of the adopted policy

Report on training

The report must be published within 1 month after the end of the financial year to which the report relates

 For further information on changes to the act, head to the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries website.

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