Intranets and Councillor Portals

Take your workplace to the next level with an intelligent, custom-built intranet solution.

Smart communications

An intranet is a private website that only your organisation’s staff can access. It provides a secure way to share internal information. Imagine having all of your documents, policies and services in one easy to manage location.

Improve corporate culture

In one click, your staff could be updated on all the latest news and photos in a more engaging and robust digital environment than a standard email.

Focus on employee stories, encourage cross-department collaboration and ensure everyone has a clear direction.

An intranet is a vital tool for managing your organisation’s culture, communication and collaboration, providing a one-stop shop for your staff to stay connected to all of your resources.


Intranets provide users with an efficient means to locate and view information and the relevant applications required of their roles and responsibilities. With the help of a web browser interface, users can access data stored in any database the organisation has made available at any time, from any company workstation.

Customised but cost effective

Intranets reduce the costs involved with maintaining physical documents such as procedure manuals, internal phone lists and requisition forms. By viewing organisational information and data via web-browsers, firms can save money on printing and postage and help protect the environment. As an added advantage, you’ve just created an online data store for important internal documentation, meaning you have an online back up in the instance your office isn’t accessible.

Mobile access

With the rise of mobile technology, your staff can even access important information on the go through their tablet or smartphone. You can opt to set up a login system to enable users to access your intranet through external networks.

Custom integration

Take a step further and discuss integrating your third party software with our experienced team of developers, leading to even greater efficiencies in your administrative environment.


As Spark CMS is not open source software, it is more secure. Website hackers will find it more difficult to find security flaws in a CMS they are not familiar with. Market Creations engages with a certified third party cyber security consultancy firm to subject the CMS to Penetrative Testing to ensure best practice is maintained.

Stakeholder engagement

This process involves engaging with the intranet users to compile valuable data which informs the intranet design and content structure.

Vincent Intranet

City of Vincent Intranet

ToPH Intranet

Town of Port Hedland Intranet

EMRC Intranet

Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council Intranet

Chittering Councillor Portal

Shire of Chittering Councillor Portal