5 tips for connecting with your community through social media

Published on Wednesday, 26 June 2019 at 10:00:00 AM

Increasingly, social media is playing a greater role in stakeholder engagement for organisations. No social media presence or even an inactive social media account can put your organisation at a huge disadvantage.

Social media makes an organisation more authentic. If a salesman has a Facebook page but little to no posts about the nature of his work or product/service, he may develop an image of being out of touch.

Social media can be critical to connecting with your customers and building trust. If successfully managed, social media can help create meaningful connections with your online audience, and make your organisation seem less like a faceless entity and perhaps more like a family.

Providing excellent customer experience on social media can increase customer satisfaction and build or increase brand loyalty. For example, responding to customer feedback and providing genuine interaction helps to build trust and a relationship can begin to develop. People connect with people and making sure their needs are adequately serviced is essential.

Here are 5 tips for connecting with your community through social media:

Ask for your audiences’ opinions and give feedback

Taking on feedback can be key to finding what areas you are doing well and areas of improvement. These comments can be helpful, as it could lead to improvement of your offered service or raise your attention to an issue you may not have realized existed. Creating a dialogue with the person could be a way of addressing their issue and finding a solution, the most important step in conflict resolution. If they feel heard, it creates a positive customer experience and could be a great source of marketing as word of mouth is invaluable.

Support Something

Humanize your business or organisation and create goodwill by supporting a local charity, sporting team or clean up initiative. No need to then post statuses saying how good you are. But do take some photographs of your team out there picking up rubbish, or some photos of the local sporting team with the logo on their uniforms and post them to social media.

Video over large bodies of text

In today's society, people are engaging more with video than what they do with written content. On average, 500 billion videos are watched each day on YouTube, and 300 hours of new content is uploaded every minute. Similarly, on Facebook, an average of 8 billion videos are circulated every day. The growth of video is so high that it accounts for almost 80% of all internet traffic.  So how does video compare to text when conveying information? A 2018 report by Wyzowl found that 92% of consumers share video content via their mobile phone. Video Marketing trends for 2018 also show that on average viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. With abundant evidence to support the use of video in marketing, it is essential to start implementing it as part of your social media strategy!

Give them an inside look

Showing behind the scenes of your organisation is a good way of connecting your community with your vision and communicating your values without expressly doing so. Footage of the team interacting or just showing their human side will do wonders for your corporate image and increase brand loyalty.

Don’t make it all business

Branded content on 100% of your social media will quickly bore your target audience. Your community will seek you out on social media for a different reason, to make decisions about potential or continued business and will want to see you as more than faceless organization. As someone wise once said, “People like People”. Invite them in closer and they will react positively.

Market Creations can help you connect with your community. Our social media management services paired with our skilled graphic design team can help make a difference.

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