Shire of East Pilbara

The Shire of East Pilbara, who joined CouncilConnect in 2021, engaged Market Creations Agency to refresh their corporate website, Councillor Portal, and intranet as three discrete projects. While the corporate website serves the Shire’s community and visitors, the addition of the intranet and Councillor Portal was to serve the Shire’s internal staff.

Stakeholder Engagement

The Shire of East Pilbara requested our stakeholder engagement services to ensure their new intranet met the needs of their staff. One of our marketing specialists conducted an all-staff online survey followed by a virtual workshop session with the Shire’s intranet users to compile valuable data on what they would find valuable on the platform. This then informed the intranet’s design and structure. Including the staff in the intranet development project also encouraged intranet uptake and boosted motivation to adopt the new platform.

Key Findings

The key findings from this process were presented to the executive team to highlight the key requirements and recommendations for the intranet. The Shire opted for the Quick Links Advanced Feature, which allows users to personalise their quicklinks, for an enhanced user experience. The Shire of East Pilbara intranet also features the Events Calendar, Latest News, and Staff Shoutouts modules, all with advanced feature add-on of Engagement and Notifications.

The Outcome

These modules not only ensure that staff are informed with internal updates, but the advanced add-ons foster a positive workplace culture. Team members can post ‘shout outs’ to acknowledge and recognise their colleagues’ contributions, and personally submit a news item or event via the Intranet. By incorporating these functionalities, the Shire of East Pilbara can more effectively engage their staff, therefore enhancing workflow productivity and internal communication.