Town of Cottesloe

The Town of Cottesloe's website refresh modernises a historic and iconic Perth suburb. Seamlessly blending its rich heritage with contemporary design elements, the coastal blue colour palette evokes the charm of Cottesloe’s famous beaches, drawing visitors and residents alike to explore the site.  

About the Client

As a long term CouncilConnect client, the Town of Cottesloe came to us in 2023 to revamp their digital experience with a fresh new take on their corporate website. The Town of Cottesloe is famous to locals and travellers alike for its unmissable beaches and historic architecture. Visitors from all over Perth and beyond flock to Cottesloe throughout the year to experience their relaxed, coastal lifestyle.

Client goals

Keen on embracing a new stylistic direction, the Town’s brief was clear in that they wanted to continue to prioritise easy-to-find council information for locals whilst capitalising on their draw as a local tourism driver to offer users a one-stop shop for details on what to see, eat and explore. The client wanted the new website to feature a coastal blue colour palette and a variety of exciting new features for users to dive into and explore.

Website Design

The intuitive design beautifully captures the essence of Cottesloe, showcasing beachside restaurants and bars, breathtaking coastal trails, and the Town’s abundance of historic architecture. Featuring a gallery of stunning imagery, the homepage highlights Cottesloe’s most iconic landmarks, inviting visitors to explore and experience the charm of this landmark destination.

The Outcome

The Town of Cottesloe's refreshed digital presence promises to become a cornerstone resource for the community. Featuring a coastal blue colour palette reminiscent of its famous beaches, the website invites residents and visitors to explore the charm of this iconic region. With enhanced features such as the interactive map, visitors can immerse themselves in the charm of Cottesloe from anywhere in the world and plan their next visit to this beachside oasis.