The Process

Our CMS has been custom built by our own web developers and deployed across over 400 websites to date. The CMS, Spark – Content Managed Simply!, has been designed and developed based on the feedback we have received from our clients, ensuring an easy to use interface and user manual. By owning the IP to the CMS we are able to make continuous improvements and updates, providing a completely scalable solution which we can adapt based on your needs.

We would be happy to provide a demonstrative environment prior to appointment should you wish to review the functionality of the CMS, or can arrange live demonstrations of particular modules.

First and foremost, it is important to identify your key stakeholders and users, as these are the people who will be using the website, intranet or portal on a day to day basis. These end users will participate in stakeholder engagement, informing the data which will define the strategic and tactical recommendations. These results will then feed into the design process and information structure helping ensure your website meets the objectives of your stakeholders and is user-centric.

Key stakeholders throughout the organisation should be brought along on the journey of your website development through regular communication and updates – this will also encourage its adoption once launched.

A website’s success can be defined when it becomes the one source of truth for its users and is continuously invested in to ensure it is sustainable long term.

flow chart