The benefits of using Single Sign-On

Published on Friday, 22 November 2019 at 11:58:01 AM

What is Single Sign-On?

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a user authentication service that permits a user to use a single set of login credentials (i.e. name, username, password) to access multiple applications. A common example is logging into your computer in the morning and seamlessly accessing Outlook and your organisation's intranet.

What are the benefits?

Single Sign-On can benefit organisations in many ways. It can mitigate risk for access to third party sites – as user passwords are not stored or managed externally.

Increase Productivity

As a user’s applications are in one convenient portal, this means faster access to systems and resources. Once the user has logged in once, they receive one-click access to all the resources they need to go about their day.

Centralise your database

As Single Sign-On builds a centralised database, users can easily move between different services securely. Since user credentials are directly provided to the central Single Sign-On server – and not the service of the website – the credentials cannot be cached by the service limiting the possibility of phishing. IT staff can also save both time and resources, by utilising a central access management service.

Reduce Password Fatigue

Did you know that most people must remember an average of 40 passwords? As users only need to remember a single set of credentials - Single Sign-On functionality minimises the time users spend dealing with password related frustrations, making it less likely that they’ll revert to poor password practices, and reduces the time and money IT staff spend on password related issues.

Improved User Administration

Single Sign-On also makes on-boarding and separation of employees easier. IT staff can easily remove the user’s access to one system – instead of doing this for every app, individually.

Improve Your Security

There are also internal company data security advantages. The password only needs to be entered at a single interface – reducing the potential for phishing attacks.

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