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Advanced Feature Options

Advanced Ticketing & Reporting

This functionality includes the ability to integrate with the Spark Member Manager. This gives speakers and sponsors the option to have their own secure area where they can manage their individual pages. The registration system can also automatically sync delegate details to your MailChimp account.

Custom Reporting

The Custom Reporting feature enables you to harness your data and produce simple and informative reports. With custom metrics and measures, reports can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs and KPIs.

YouTube Integration

Increase accessibility to council meetings by uploading an electronic version online! Along with the agenda, minutes, and attachment documents relating to the meeting, users will also be able to access the live or recorded meeting files in either audio or visual format via YouTube Integration.

 Interactive Dashboard

View the data from your CRM in an easy-to-understand, interactive dashboard. Data will be displayed in a visual format so that you can find the key information you need at a glance.

Multi-Site Content Sharing

With the Multi-Site Website module enabled, administrators of each website are able to share page content, news items and events between them. Content can either be linked or copied to other websites.