CouncilConnect Modules

Advanced Feature Options

Advanced Ticketing & Reporting

This functionality includes the ability to integrate with the Spark Member Manager. This gives speakers and sponsors the option to have their own secure area where they can manage their individual pages. The registration system can also automatically sync delegate details to your MailChimp account.

Automation Tools

Include additional field types where users are guided through more complex forms step by step, and can even save their progress and return to submit it later. Additional features of this add-on also include the ability to send customised responses to users which can include PDF attachments. Submission limits also allow your administrators to control the number of times a form can be submitted.

Community Engagement

Foster a sense of community by enabling website users to submit their own comments to the content on your website. Content can either be directly published or moderated by website administrators.

Electronic Meetings

Increase accessibility to council meetings by uploading an electronic version online! Along the ability to bookmark agenda items, users will also be able to access the live or recorded meeting files in either audio or video format.

Multi-Site Content Sharing

With the Multi-Site Website Module enabled, administrators of each website are able to share page content, news items and events between them. Content can either be linked or copied to other websites.


Website users able to subscribe to be notifi ed when content is updated. The updates will be delivered by email or RSS feeds.

Payment Gateway

Integrates forms with a payment gateway provider allowing website users to process a payment with their form submission.

Thumbnail Display

Generates thumbnails for compatible documents for display on the website.