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Multi-Site Website

A multi-site offers you a brand new website under your existing CouncilConnect subscription and has many strategic and financial advantages. Firstly, your council only pays the one annual hosting fee for all of your websites, potentially saving your council thousands each year. A multi-site also ensures all council staff only need to learn one content management system, making staff training a much simpler process. Admin users can also be setup to have access to one or all websites, and can quickly change between which site they're working on and can even share content across sites should the content apply to more than one entity. While connected in the backend, each website still has its own domain name, design, database, modules and content.

In a Nutshell

  • Cost effective and efficient solution to having an additional website
  • Uses the same domain name and shares the same CMS
  • Great for visitor centres, recreation centres, libraries and CRCs